Reva Ochuba

A society relieved of acknowledging a collective history finds more meaning in how the “self” affects history rather than history affecting the “self.” Personal history accumulated over time is somewhat limited in its lineal form, its orientation from a certain perspective. A sequence, a progression of events, logically aligned, and carefully transcribed, tells a voyage to modernity. As with all histories, incompatibilities are compressed to create a coherence, differences minimized to produce linearity, and an easy to follow, logical connection to pass along. These words, as they are typed, become a thing of the past archived digitally and preserving no more truth than that written on scrolls. Connection to history is verified through what is written. The proliferation of video as self-generated media, is a pure representation of duration, however it is conceptually malleable. Challenging the context of history through the use of video document manipulated to become a self-contained world subject to itself, creates a paradox of truths. ‘Renaissance’ is a project that provokes the manipulation of history. It contributes to it. As a project ‘Renaissance’ opens a critique of history to re-appraise current social condition.