Julian Macias

When creating art, I think about the way objects are made and their purely visual aspects; as a formalist would. The focus of my artwork is craftsmanship, composition, and pure aesthetics. I have acquired many forms of urban craftsmanship, automotive finish, construction, infra- structure and traditional craft. This urban craftsmanship is the artwork, its material use, design configuration, and utility aesthetic are in and of themselves. Underlying this aesthetic is the application of the golden ratio, harmonious and also synonymous with the emergence of the modern world. I am drawn to geometric shapes and solving situations mathematically, proportionately, performing a type of utility. My sculpture, windmill like, imagined as a remnant of post-apocalyptic society reliant on natural resources or manpower for energy, is conceived as a kinetic sculpture. The duality reflects upon the short distance between pure beauty and survivalist necessity.