Desmond Jervis

t i m e c a p s u l e My work deals with the presence and origin of human activity in the present. I aim to engage the viewer in a discussion that concerns the essence of being in a post-tech world. As the past is readily accessible through technology, the context of history, culture and originality are lost in a flood of recycled imagery. My work seeks to define ontological questions regarding the human condition as we move towards a future dominated by technology and homogenized trends, and away from the pluralistic and multivalent aesthetics of postmodernism. The process of vitrification and fossilization are key concepts to my work as they discuss time, origin and form. Using the medium of clay allows me to utilize ceramics to generate sculptures that concern daily and historically consistent human activity and culture. Toilet plungers arranged on glass and ceramic soundless speakers presented on felt are positioned as artifacts of a present not yet bygone, yet rapidly evolving, and to be preserved in ways not yet determined by history; thus grounding ideas of history’s function and purpose regarding the human experience.