Amanda DiFronzo

My project explores the symbolism that expresses post-traumatic conditions. I have utilized contemporary tattoo designs, post WW II Japanese art, and mythological representations as my vehicles of communication. With these elements I craft explicit and implicit meanings that are attributable to post – traumatic experiences. The ancient and contemporary arts of tattooing is a are sociological phenomena. Body tattoos are symbolic and allegorical representations of man’s place and his relation to the environment and the world at large. Tattoos are ontological phenomena written on the body. They have meanings as they are supplementary to the person’s psyche and function to fulfill his or her desires of the will to power. When getting tattooed, what starts out as a vision soon becomes a reality, leaving only a mark and the prospect of a new beginning. When the Phoenix perceives its impending death, it ignites itself into a magnificent fire. In time, the mythological bird reemerges from its own ashes - reborn, renewed, and very much alive. In this work I want utilize the symbolic power of the tattoo, to address the idea of a post- representational self, where design unravels the psychological space.