Jaime Chen

My abstract and representational paintings depict my fascination with trompe l’oeil features concomitant with the role of color in its various outcomes. By experimenting with different styles, subjects and color palettes, I have learned that there is an immeasurable amount of beauty that can be made from varieties of paints. All of my paintings are brought to life with distinctive textures that enhance the sensuality of my subject matter. I have created a painting that depicts my interpretation of Post-Industrialization. The scene is a young girl lying on train tracks with a flower in her hand whilst a steam train is closing in. Industrialization transformed economies from agricultural into manufacturing, and allowed for greater exploitation of child labor. The concept of a child attempting suicide is rarely depicted and thus its image is to draw attention to the global issue of child labor, which is still a facet of modern societies. The flower in her hand is meant to show the death of nature as well, due to the impact of Industrialization. My intention for this morbid painting is to invoke feelings in the viewer that will give substance to the issues I am focused on.